Our Mission

Fifty years ago, Vortex I made a bold statement about the values of a new generation. Vortex 2020 is a renewal of those commitments to build community, practice tolerance, and preserve our natural resources.

Vortex 2020 reimagines the typical music festival by adhering to three core principles:

  • 1Vortex2020 will not charge a fee for entry. The ticket is volunteerism. In place of payment, attendees will give their time to official service projects in their communities.
  • 2Organizers and volunteers will create the festival together. Using a commons-based production model, Vortex 2020 planning relies on the creativity of dedicated collaborators.
  • 3Musicians, performers, and visual artists will have strong ties to the Pacific Northwest, and the broad range of performers will honor Oregon’s diversity.

To properly observe the fiftieth anniversary of Vortex I requires more than just producing another traditional music festival. Just as Vortex I was visionary in its time, Vortex 2020 will also distinguish itself by harnessing people power to create something transformational and to make history again.

How to Attend

There is no fee to attend Vortex2020. Attendees are asked to give their time to improve Oregon.