Is camping included or do I have to camp at Vortex2020?

There is no charge for a campsite. However, only tent sites are available. You are not required to camp at the park. More details are coming soon.

Will There Be Food Available?

Yes! We will have a wonderful selection of our favorite Oregon food carts, breweries, and beverages for your enjoyment and nourishment.

Can I Buy A Ticket?

Nope! The only way to get into the festival is through volunteerism.

I am a person concerned about logistics. How does this work, exactly?

So glad you asked! We care about logistics, too. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  1. You create a Vortex2020 Profile.
  2. By creating the profile, you can view all available Vortex Projects via our web portal. 
  3. Our portal takes you directly to an Official Partner’s event page. Official Partners will use the same precautions, waivers, screening methods, and staffing thresholds which are their policy for all volunteer events. Vortex2020 does not oversee the management nor registration for events; we merely provide an avenue to connect with them.
  4. You register for the event using the Official Partner’s event page.
  5. You attend the volunteer event and complete the project. Upon completion of the volunteer project, you will be provided with an EVENT CODE.
  6. You return to your Vortex profile, enter your event code, and receive a response certifying your completion of a meaningful volunteer experience. You are IN.
  7. Repeat. You can attend as many unique events as you like. Let’s improve Oregon! There may be special perks for Super Vortexers who work above and beyond,  such as secret concerts, pre-parties, post-parties, capes, superhuman abilities, chocolate, high quality snacks, fellowship, camaraderie, spinning hats, rocket packs, or other gifts yet to be determined. Karma points for Super Vortexers accumulate at an exponential rate.
  8. At a summer date (yet to be determined) you will receive an email & be notified in your Vortex2020 profile about the availability of your festival pass. (EXAMPLE OF HOW THIS MAY WORK: You receive an email with a print-at-home ticket. You print the single-use ticket or bring the image on your phone as you would for any other concert. We scan your ticket. You are given a wristband and enter the festival. 
  9. Now you can relax. You’re in. It’s all taken care of. : )

What Can I Bring? What Can’t I bring?  

What not to bring:

  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Outside alcohol
  • A bad attitude

Are children allowed in the festival? Can my whole family come?

Yes! We are an all inclusive, all ages, family-friendly event. Anyone over the age of 12 is expected to volunteer to earn their pass. Younger children will be able to attend with supervising parents/guardians. We cannot promise we will find all industrious 5-year-olds something to do, but we will try our best.

Is there a First Aid Station at the Festival?

Yes, first aid and other medical services are available at Vortex2020.

Can you leave the festival once you have entered?

Yes, your volunteer project will gain you your wristband for the entire event. You can come for 1 day, both days or stay the entire time.

Are Pets Allowed?

We wish but sadly, your pets will have to stay at home for this one. 

Will there be smoking permitted?

State Parks laws prohibits all smoking anywhere in the park.

Who is playing at Vortex2020?

Our lineup is incredible, ever-expanding, and aims to include all regions of Oregon. You can expect bands such as The Dandy Warhols, Edna Vasquez, Hunter Noack, Blind Pilot, March Fourth, Pink Martini, Bocha, Fountaine, and Donte Thomas. We aim to feature all genres of music from all areas of Oregon. Stay tuned and check back for updates.

All musicians who play Vortex2020 are from Oregon or have ties to Oregon. Each artist will also adopt a volunteer project and help make Oregon a better place through their volunteerism.  

How many volunteer projects/hours must I complete to earn a ticket?

We ask all participants complete a meaningful volunteer experience to earn a pass to Vortex. In many cases, a single volunteer project will be sufficient. If this is not the case, and multiple engagements are necessary, we will state that clearly on our portal.

Can I do more than one project?

YES. Please. We encourage volunteers to go above and beyond and volunteer for as many events as they can. Aside from the good karma you’ll receive, you can be proud of your contribution. It’s also likely Super Vortexers will receive special rewards. Many of us are using Vortex as our calendar of the most fun things to do in Oregon this spring/summer. We hope you’ll join us!  

How do I get my actual festival ticket once I’ve earned it?

Your credential will come through your Vortex2020 profile and the email address you provide. No passes will be distributed until Summer, 2020, though you can qualify for your pass immediately. We highly encourage signing up for projects early, as passes and volunteer opportunities will be limited.

Can I volunteer at the Vortex2020 festival itself?

The Vortex2020 vision is to expand the creativity and generosity of festival culture beyond the event gates and have it spill over into the community. As such, we encourage would-be festival volunteers to dig into a community project and also contact us if you’d like to do some work behind the scenes!  

How does Vortex2020 get involved in our Vortex qualifying projects?

Our main contribution will be festival passes and publicity for partner organizations and their projects. For ambitious, one-day volunteer efforts, Vortex2020 would love to sprinkle some Vortex Magic. This may include: music, spoken-word artists, Vortex volunteer/staff support, a celebrity appearance, or product/material donations. Additional support will be determined on acase-by-case basis with partner organizations and Vortex2020. [RT note: probably not needed for this page which is facing the public, not the non profits]

I live out of state and want to attend. Can I do a community service project outside of Oregon?

Because the ethos of this event is about celebrating and beautifying Oregon, we do require that you participate in one of the official Vortex2020 volunteer events in Oregon.

I cannot seem to find a volunteer event in my city/area? What can I do to participate without having to travel too far?

Please reach out to us if there is an organization or project in your community that you would like to volunteer with, otherwise keep checking in on our website for updated projects throughout Oregon.

Can I volunteer an additional day to get an extra ticket for a friend?

Nope, the only  way to get into the festival is through volunteerism.

How can I personally get involved in Vortex2020?

Want to become a Voretexer on your own time? We could still use help us with outreach, music, festival setup, and bringing the Vortex magic. So drop us a note at info@vortex2020.org and we’ll get you started.