FAQs for Non-Profits & Partners

What is Vortex2020?

Fifty years ago, a visionary collaboration between Oregon’s Republican governor and counterculture activists aimed to avoid political conflicts by creating the only state-sponsored rock festival in American history: Vortex I. This year, an unprecedented partnership between Oregon State Parks, nonprofits, musicians, foundations, artists, and activists gives us another historic chance to heal division through Oregonians’ shared love of music, the arts, and beautiful outdoor spaces. Vortex2020 will reimagine the power of a music festival with a world-class, two-day event at Milo McIver State Park (August 22-23). 

Tickets to this event will not be sold. Vortex2020 will ask all attendees to earn their tickets by contributing time and energy to a meaningful project in Oregon. Vortexers will be builders, land stewards, mentors, artists, teachers, community workers, and volunteers. Vortex2020 is not a festival you attend — it’s a community you join. Let’s make history. Together.

How does an individual qualify to get into Vortex2020?

To attend Vortex2020, individuals will contribute time and energy to a Vortex2020 Project hosted by an Official Vortex2020 Partner. Vortex2020 will work with each organizational partner to determine what constitutes a meaningful volunteer experience. This will generally be 3-5 total hours over one day or multiple days.  

How does my organization become an approved Vortex Partner?

Vortex2020 festival passes are limited. Please email nayan@vortex2020.org if you would like to become a partner. All applicants will receive a follow-up contact from a Vortex2020 representative. All Official Vortex Partners will receive a confirmation email specifically certifying their status and ability to receive passes.  

Does it cost us anything to participate? 

No. While Vortex will not charge you to participate, your organization should be willing and able to manage volunteers who choose to donate their time to your organization.

Is there a priority focus for Vortex2020?

We are deeply interested in the natural environment, and mitigating the negative impacts humans have on the earth. We are also focused on any project which unites diverse Oregonians for a common good – projects which aim to bring culturally diverse, intergenerational, rural/urban individuals together on a shared goal will align with the Vortex mission. 

What is your diversity statement?

Systemic racism, white supremacy, land theft, and historic social and economic deterrents have created generational barriers in Oregon to education, jobs, wealth, access to the outdoors, and community engagement. Vortex2020 will work intentionally to overcome these barriers and transfer power through community engagement, the arts, and community collaboration. No less than twenty percent of the leadership within Vortex2020 will be led by impacted communities, and Vortex2020 will reflect these values in our diverse partnerships, representative decision-makers, roster of performers and vendors.

How will Vortex2020 organize all these events?

With few exceptions, Vortex2020 is not organizing events. Our goal is to boost existing efforts, and help bring attention to worthwhile organizations. We will work within organizations’ existing tracking systems and, when necessary, develop cooperative systems for tracking volunteer participation. Simplicity and accessibility are key. 

How will volunteers get their tickets/festival passes?

Vortex2020 will distribute passes in August 2020. Individuals may claim their earned passes during the week leading up to the festival at statewide pop-up Vortex sites. There will also be capacity to receive previously-earned passes on site during the festival.

Who is playing at Vortex2020?

Our lineup is incredible, ever-expanding, and world-class. You can expect performers such as The Dandy Warhols, Edna Vazquez, Blind Pilot, MarchFourth Marching Band, Pink Martini, Hunter Noack & IN A LANDSCAPE, Bocha, Fountaine, Donte Thomas, Ural Thomas & The Pain, and Gus Van Sant. The diversity and scope of the lineup is broadening. We will continue to post confirmed artists on our website and in this FAQ. 

Will Vortex2020 be involved in our projects?

Our main contribution will be festival passes and publicity for partner organizations and their projects. For ambitious, one-day volunteer efforts, Vortex2020 would love to sprinkle some Vortex Magic. This may include: music, spoken-word artists, Vortex volunteer/staff support, an artist appearance, or product and material donations. Additional support will be determined on a case-by-case basis with partner organizations and Vortex2020. 

Can Vortex2020 help us pay for these volunteer projects?

Our primary contribution to partners will be free passes to the Vortex2020 Festival. In some instances, we may share community projects with our foundation partners to advocate for additional funding. 

Who is behind this wild idea?

In 2019, inspired by the 50th Anniversary of the historic Vortex I Music Festival, a group of musicians, entrepreneurs, creatives, foundation partners, nonprofit leaders, outdoor enthusiasts, legislators, and Oregon State Parks coalesced around the idea of a free, mind-blowing music festival at Milo McIver State Park. We wanted something more visionary than another pay-to-play music festival – an event with the power to inspire action and inclusive, transformational projects across the state.           

The idea for Vortex2020 immediately seemed wild, somewhat-impractical, breathtaking, inventive, and 100% worth our time. Just like Oregon. 

How can I personally get involved in Vortex2020? 

Want to become a Voretexer on your own time? Great! We could use your help with outreach, music, festival setup, and bringing the Vortex magic. Drop us a note at info@vortex2020.org and we’ll get you started.

Is this real?

Pinch yourself. It’s not a dream.